Strategy = Communication 3  

When I work with a client to develop a marketing strategy, I like to begin with a concept I call Communication3. I came up with this term to help explain the holistic relationship of the 3 fundamental elements that every business needs in terms of marketing materials; The Brand, The Web, and The Message. The diagram below illustrates how each element relates to and relies on the others for successful implementation. Together, your Brand, Website and Message form the foundation that supports every other avenue of marketing. Just like a tripod needs all three legs to stand...Your business needs all 3 elements to support your marketing goals. When we start by understanding this relationship and the importance of having all 3 elements working together with a purpose, we can identify the areas that need improvement and make a plan of action.

The Brand
Effective branding begins with a great logo, and a great logo begins with a strong concept. Developing a strong concept begins by understanding who you are, where you are positioned in the market, the specific goals of your business and most importanly, the needs of your customer. Together we will explore different ideas and designs to create a well thought out, unified brand that reflects your business and appeals to your customer. Creating a strong, unified brand means that your logo, business cards, letterhead, website, brochures and all collateral materials are cohesive and effective.
The Web
If you don’t have a powerful web presence that's working for you... It’s working against you. It’s that simple. Your website should reflect the personality of your business and be a place where your customers (and potential customers) can find the information they need quickly and easily, in an environment that inspires confidence and trust. Additionally, there are many cost effective ways to reach new and existing customers through web based platforms, such as dynamic email campaigns, online advertising, blogs, and social media networks. However, for these other online efforts to be effective, they need to direct the viewer to your website where they can learn more.
The Message
Message development plays a vital role in your marketing success. Professionally planned and written content will ensure that you get the right message across in a concise, persuasive and effective manner. Together we will create a powerful unified message that not only describes your products and / or services, but also delivers a value statement that tells your customer exactly why they should be doing business with YOU!